• Automation applied to the
    manufacture of medical products
    More than thirty years of experience in the field of process automation in the
    world of hospital gauze.

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We have a maxim. This consists of not minimizing efforts in the improvement of our designs to maximize the fidelity of our customers.

Desarrollos Técnicos Espejo, S.L. (FOLDTECHS) is an inheriting and successor company of Tecnología Hermanos Espejo, S.L., founded in 1988, arises from the need to supply sanitary dressings in the market.

Our basic principles, such as honesty, seriousness and commitment as well as our professionalism have made us a company with great prestige in the market, giving the best service to our customers.

We have more than 30 years of experience manufacturing machinery for the folding of medical compresses for the most common and surgical formats for large formats.


Our products

We manufacture a wide range of products that adapt to the needs of the market. From the most common gauze folding machines to large-size compresses.

Standard Folding

Security Folding

Non-Woven Folding

Large Format

Direct Transfer





Get to know our services

In Desarrollos Técnicos Espejo, S.L. (FOLDTECHS) we offer different services with fully qualified personnel that can solve any question that may arise in your business.



Our R & D department, has great creative capacity, develops and automates the processes for the development and improvements in the machinery of the sector synchronizing each other.

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Formation (Technical Courses)

In Desarrollos Técnicos Espejo, S.L. (FOLDTECHS) we want you to feel calm when it comes to investing in the project for your business. That is why it has a formation service that can be carried...

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Consulting and Advice

In Desarrollos Técnicos Espejo, S.L. (FOLDTECHS) we want you to feel calm when it comes to investing in the project for your business. That's why we help you at that critical moment...

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Spare Parts

In FOLDTECHS we offer an easy and simple spare parts service. You just have to give us the following information: Order number, Serial number of machine, Code of the piece (through...

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Customer Service (Technical Service)

Through our technical department we will provide solutions to any query.
Using the new technologies the attention will be fast and simple.

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